Welcome to Agricultural & Game Ranch Management

This Department offers several exciting qualifications both at undergraduate and postgraduate level. We consist of a team of permanent staff and part time staff that actively involved in teaching, student assistance and project supervision.


CalfThe nature of agriculture has changed to such an extent that it has to be managed as a business. To ensure success in an agricultural career, it is essential that technical knowledge and skills are applied and integrated with managerial and management skills. 

Why agriculture management?

Our Agricultural Management students are equipped with knowledge and skills which are particularly suitable for a career in agriculture, or for any managerial position in agricultural related fields.  

Qualifications offered:

  • Diploma: Agricultural Management
  • Advanced Diploma: Agricultural Management
  • MSc: Agriculture (Research)
  • PhD: Agriculture (Research) 

ChanCareer opportunities:

  • Famers
  • Extension officers
  • Agriculture business representatives
  • Exports and customs control
  • Research
  • Banks
  • Nurseries and other plant production practises

Contact information
Mrs Christa Koen
Tel: +27 41 504 3527